Paintball Rank

The Global Elite

Kills: 655
ClanNo clan
FactionNo faction
Faction Warns 0/3
Faction Punish 0/30
Level15 ( Respect Points 17 )
Hours Played40.346
Joined on 2020-04-10 19:33:22
Last login 2 months ago
Warnings 0/3
Last Week0
Model Vehicle Name Odometer Age Colours Options
Romero (ID: 51) 26.22 kilometers 84 days
Sandking (ID: 476) 6.00 kilometers 56 days
Dragos was uninvited by Raphaell from faction Hitman Agency (rank 1) after 6 days, without FP. Reason: Inactivitate 72h.
Dragos has joined the group Hitman Agency (invited by Axinte).
Dragos is now the leader of faction Red Dragon Triads.
Dragos was uninvited by admin Dragos47 from faction The Rifa (rank 1) after 1 days, without FP. Reason: lider Red Dragos Triads
Dragos has joined the group The Rifa (invited by paulcrow).
Dragos left faction Taxi Company (rank 1) after 5 days using /quitgroup, without FP. Reason: The faction had no leader when he/she left.
Dragos has joined the group Taxi Company (invited by Travis).

Grand opening
achieved on:
3 months ago

License name Hours left Progress
Driving License 12
Pilot License 80
Sailing License
No license
Weapon License 28